Professional Negligence

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Professional negligence claims can be complex and challenging, often requiring specialist knowledge and skill. Thomas Harvey Solicitors are experts in this area. If you have enlisted the services of a professional and they have failed to meet the standard the law requires of them, resulting in a loss to you, we can help. 

What is Professional Negligence?

Professional negligence occurs when a professional fails to perform their duties to the required standard, leading to harm or financial loss to their client. This could involve professionals from various fields, including solicitors, financial advisors, accountants, surveyors, architects and more.

The crux of a professional negligence claim involves proving that the professional had a duty of care towards the client, that this duty was breached, and that the breach led to a loss or harm to the client.

At Thomas Harvey Solicitors, we understand the nuances of these claims and work diligently to ensure our clients receive the justice they deserve. We are committed to achieving client-focused outcomes and satisfaction, driven by our core values of professionalism, knowledge, and compassion.

We pride ourselves on our comprehensive understanding of the law, our ability to fight relentlessly for our clients, and our commitment to maintaining a client-focused approach.

At Thomas Harvey Solicitors, you have direct access to our managing partner, Steven Newdall. He is an experienced solicitor with a proven track record of achieving positive outcomes for clients.

We understand the gravity of our clients’ issues and the impacts they can have. That’s why we adopt a tough and uncompromising stance on their behalf. 

We believe that communication is the cornerstone of a successful professional relationship. We keep our clients informed at every step of their case, ensuring they fully understand the legal process and their options. We are approachable, understanding, and empathetic, ensuring that our clients feel valued and heard.

Our Specialisms in Professional Negligence

At Thomas Harvey Solicitors, we have extensive experience in handling a wide range of professional negligence claims. Our specialisms include:

Claims against Solicitors

We handle cases where solicitors have missed crucial deadlines and failed to advise on matters affecting property transactions, business sales, or under-settled claims, particularly in relation to personal injury and clinical negligence claims.

Negligence in Tax and Financial Advice

We deal with claims related to negligent tax advice, particularly concerning mis-sold financial products, tax schemes, and disguised remuneration planning.

Claims against Surveyors

We handle claims against surveyors who under or overvalue a property, cause a financial loss, or fail to report or advise correctly on the extent of defects.

Claims against Insurers and Brokers

We deal with claims against insurers, including brokers, for failing to pay out under an insurance policy or failing to advise correctly when recommending a product, causing a loss.

Our Approach to Professional Negligence Claims

Our approach to handling professional negligence claims involves a thorough evaluation of the case, diligent preparation, and robust representation.

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At Thomas Harvey Solicitors, we firmly believe in fighting for justice and fair treatment for our clients. If you believe you have been a victim of professional negligence, contact us today to discuss your case. Our team of experienced lawyers is ready to guide you through the legal process to a successful outcome.

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